Family & Freinds Vol. 28 Big train from Memphis.

01.: Big train from Memphis.
02.: Hey, good looking.
03.: I don't look good naked anymore.
04.: I should have been teue.
05.: I walk the line.
06.: If not you.
07.: Is anybody going to San Antone.
08.: Give my love to Rose.
09.: It's all going to pot.
10.: Lovesick blues.
11.: Matchbox.
12.: Roll in my sweet babys arms.
13.: Lost highway.
14.: Roll me up and smoke me when i die.
15.: She never spoke spanish to me.
16.: Storms never last.
17.: The girl from yesterday.
18.: The loosing side of me.
19.: The night Hank Williams came to town.
20.: The right left hand.
21.: The streets of Baltimore.
22.: They call me the breeze.
23.: Walk right back.
24.: Who where you thinking of.