Family & Freinds Vol. 30 Truck driving man.

01.: Truck driving man-
02.: All my blue moon nights.
03.: Country hereos.
04.: Daddy dos'nt pray anymore.
05.: Don't you ever get tired of hurting me.
06.: God must be a cowboy at heart.
07.: Harvest.
08.: No trash in my trailer.
09.: Open up your heart.
10.: Pay me my money down.
11.: Red rose from the blue side of town.
12.: Rock'n roll angel.
13.: Smoke along the track.
14.: The union mare and the confederate grey.
15.: Too late to worry, too late to cry.
16.: Too much to looese.
17.: Tulsa time.
18.: We never touch at all.
19.: When my blue moon turns to gold again.
20.: Please don't tell me how the story ends.