Family & Freinds Vol. 26 It's a young mans town.

01.: It's a young mans town.
02.: An ol' danish cowboy.
03.: Before the next teardrop falls.
04.: City of New Orleans.
05.: He stopped loving her today.
06.: I tell it as it used to be.
07.: Walking the floor over you.
08.: I'll be over you, when the grass groves over me.
09.: I'll be there if you ever want me.
10.: I'm crying my hear out.
11.: Lone star blues.
12.: Love's gonna live here.
13.: Smokey mountain memories.
14.: Mama's don't let your babys grove up to be cowboys.
15.: Pass me by.
16.: Running bear.
17.: She thinks i still care.
18.: Trail of tears.
19.: Why i'm walking.
20.: Just walking in the rain.